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 About Us
What is DINODIA ?
In India many names or surnames are based on the place of birth. Since Jagdish Agarwal, the founder of Dinodia Photo was born in Dinod, a small village in Haryana State, in Northern India, hence the name DINODIA, which literally means, a person from Dinod. The idea was to acknowledge one's roots.

When was Dinodia Photo started ?
On 1st April 1987.

How many photographs are in DINODIA's collection ?
The library consists of historical photographs from 1870 onwards, paintings, illustrations, black and white images and contemporary color images. The total archive is over fifteen million images online.

How many contributors for this collection ?
We represent over 175 image libraries from various parts of the world. And in India while the total number of contributors would be several hundred, the core number of photographers remain about 100.

Does DINODIA undertake assignments ?
While we would love to believe that DINODIA would have all images you need from India, it does happen sometimes that a particular image is not in our collection. Under such rare circumstances, one of DINODIA's over 100 photographers, spread all over India, would shoot the photograph to your exact specifications.

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