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 Photo School
Dinodia Photo School
Learn photography in 1 hour/ 10 hours/ 100 hours

ONE hour photography courses:
Bring your ten pictures showing the kind of photos you like to take. Your photos can be on a pen drive AND bring prints about 6 inches x 9 inches made on A/4 paper from any color Xerox shop AND choose from any of the following modules.
  1. Improve your photography – Learn creative use of aperture, shutter speed, ISO, depth of field with tips on composition.
  2. Suitable career options for your kind of photography – Learn about the career option for your kind of photography, from a choice of over forty.
  3. How much money can you make from your photography – Learn about options of selling your pictures from Rupees one to over Rupees one crore per picture.
  4. How much should you charge for your photography – Learn about how to go about deciding what to charge for your photography from Rupees one to over Rupees one crore per picture.
  5. How famous can you become from your photography as a hobby – Learn about how to become known as a photographer and make some money.
  6. Outing to Banganga - Shoot and learn – any Sunday at 8 am.
  7. Visit to photography art gallery – See the exhibition and learn how to have your own one man show – any Saturday at 5 pm.
  8. 10 hour course - All the above modules can be done by paying a discounted fee.
  9. 100 hour course – Learn how to shoot and what subjects to choose, so that at the end of the course you are able to have a one man show of your photography prints in an art gallery like Jehangir Art Gallery / Piramal Art Gallery / Dinodia Photo Gallery. We will guide you through the journey. Limited seats.
All interactive one to one sessions, no boring theory lectures where you only listen.

Your guide – Jagdish Agarwal
  • Took his first photograph over 50 years back in 1965
  • Done a photography course from a New York School of photography
  • Won over 50 Indian and International photography awards
  • Held thirteen one man shows of photography in India and abroad
  • Articles published in magazines and newspapers worldwide
  • Sold thousands of pictures to magazines and newspapers worldwide
  • Started first photo library of India over 30 years before in 1987
  • Spoken in many photography schools and photo clubs all over India
  • Interacted with thousands of photographers from all over the world
  • He will condense his knowledge of over 50 years in one hour
His aim is to make you a better photographer
  • 1 hour - Each module is Rupees 2000 each per person. Open: Monday to Friday: 2 pm to 6 pm: Other times by appointment.
  • 10 hours – Course fee is Rupees 10,000 per person. Modules 1 to 7.
  • 100 hours – Course fee is Rupees 1,00,000 per person. Saturdays between 2 pm to 7 pm. Choose your 100 hours over 1 year.
Collect details at the time of registration for modules 6 to 9.

For registration contact 8452002607 - Jagdish Agarwal: jagdish@dinodia.com

DINODIA Photo School
66 - Bajaj Bhawan, 6th floor, Nariman Point, Opposite INOX, Mumbai - 400 021 (INDIA)
Phone : 2204 4016
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